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Versatile Antiguan DJ plans to rock the city, post covid.

While it is true that the impact of the global pandemic can be felt in the corporate society, the entertainment industry worldwide has suffered a severe blow. At one point, nightlife came to a complete stand still and there was neither a party nor event to attend. No gatherings. No socializing. On the island of Antigua, scores of patrons who had grown accustomed to feting and revelry were left disappointed as this years’ carnival celebrations were cancelled. Pre- covid, both expats and tourists alike visited the island religiously to celebrate its emancipation from slavery. Before the actual week of festivities, multiple fetes and parties are usually held during the season. This is the time when most of the island’s DJ’s and entertainers make their living. One such entertainer, Omari Anthony, aka “Versatile Virus” calls the island his home, and he’s eager to rock the city with his talents once again.

Why Virus?

This was the first question that came to mind. Omari attended the St. Joseph’s Academy during his teen years. This all-boys, privately owned Catholic Diocesan school was founded on the island by The Christian Brothers in 1958, and has produced a few prominent officials on the island like businessman and parliamentarian Max Fernandez and Attorney and former Senator, Lenworth Johnson to name a few. During Omari’s tenure at the school, he excelled in the subject area of Information Technology. It was generally accepted that they all have monikers so with his classmate’s assistance, the moniker ‘virus’ stuck with him into his professional career. He also discovered his love for music while attending the school. He hosted a number of parties and school events with his friends and this further solidified his love for the craft. He officially began Deejaying in 2007 and since then he has been a part of several major events, many of which he was called back to do an encore performance. He highlighted working with Myst carnival, Project Sync and Wardadli Soulja’s as some of his most profound accomplishments.

His love for the artform supersedes all, but this DJ is not all about music. He is also a true sports fan. He once performed as a wicket keeper and prolific batsman for Antigua’s under 13/15/19 cricket team. Within his own community, he played for the Liberta sports club. Outside of the local sporting arena, he avidly follows the NFL and the NBA.

True Love

A love for music will always expose the creativity in someone who is truly passionate about the craft, and Omari has done just that. He loves to incorporate hidden messages which he coins ‘easter eggs’ in his productions. What exactly does this mean? I guess we will just have to find out! As much as he enjoys the art of deejaying, Omari aspires to find ways to integrate his deejaying, vocal talents and production abilities to develop a fully functional career all rolled into one. While we’re on the topic of Love, Omari credits much of the strength needed to endure the rolling tides of the entertainment industry to his loving fiancée and his management team, as well as his avid fans. They love what he does and keep him inspired with constant positivity. You can find this versatile DJ on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He has also been featured on local radio airwaves and this, coupled with his live performances have aided tremendously in growing his visibility and engagement as an artist. He is confident that the marketing of his skill set would not have been possible without the tremendous support and engagement of Myst carnival, project sync, Sarah McMillan, together dubbed “Team contagious.” 


This rising star has encountered his fair share of obstacles in both his personal circles and the industry itself. He cited Nepotism as one of the predominant ills in our society that affects him personally. The effects of the covid 19 pandemic have been the most recent struggle that threatens to dim his shine, but this young entertainer will not be discouraged. He has plans that once carried out with precision, we are confident that this DJ will rock the entertainment scene post covid like never before! He took the time to offer his colleagues some serious advice about the industry:

“Even if it seems controversial, take the opportunity for yourself and don’t think that anybody else deserves more that you do, because I made the mistake in thinking that certain persons were more deserving of the opportunities that I had and it resulted in me not performing at a level that I knew I could have done even better”.

What’s Up Next?

Team Contagious and Young Luiy entertainment are the parent bodies under which Versatile Virus performs.  Together, they’ve got a few treats in store for the entertainment world, as they’ve been working on a few live streamed events to bring the ‘noise’ back to the city.  If you like to party and you need some relief from all the happenings around us, we have one suggestion. Don’t take  your eyes off this DJ!

Follow him Now on  SoundCloud and Audiomack for his daily mixes.

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10 Things Black Men Need From Black Women


Sex is super important to men, and there’s no denying it. However, a relationship filled with passionate, mind blowing orgasms can’t compare to a wholesome fulfilling partnership. Cleaning house, cooking his favorite meals and being generally attentive to his physical needs are attributes that most black women have always thought could get the job done, but this this is far from true.

We’ve spoken to our men, and they have a message for their potential mates. They need more.


Whether it’s holding his hand in public, stroking his beard at the most random moments or massaging his shoulders when he feels tense, small intimate acts often go overlooked by women and are not often communicated by men. However, these gestures can go a long way in touching his heart. Experiment with him and find out which tender acts of affection make him feel whole.


Do you understand your man? What are his fears? What are the greatest obstacles he faces in life? You would be surprised that most women can’t answer those questions on a whim. Knowing your mate requires honest dialogue and the best way to do this is to communicate well and do it often. Opening up to him first is the best way to get him to open himself to you.


In every relationship there will be hills and valleys. While there may be times that you feel angry toward your mate, never take the low road and utter words of disrespect. Disrespectful words and actions can do irreversible damage to relationships. Listen to him while he speaks. If you are in disagreement with his plans, respectfully suggest alternative courses of action. There are many instances where our men feel disrespected in relationships and one of the best kept secrets is that men often equate respect with LOVE.

“True love is not a hide-and-seek game; in true love, both lovers seek each other.”

Michael Bassey Johnson

Less Chatter

Women can be especially chatty sometimes. Communication is important in relationships, however, be careful not to try and involve your man in a healthy debate when he is watching his favorite show on TV or when he just walks through the door. Knowing when to speak is just as important as knowing what to say.

Belief in his abilities

Men are providers and protectors by nature. Let him know that you believe in his talents and skills and trust that he can achieve greatness. Your encouragement will mean the most to him than anyone. Make him feel like an adult, and not a child who you constantly have to look out for. Having a sense of responsibility is more important to a man than most women realize.


When a woman tries to change a man, he feels hurt. We aren’t speaking about changes that affect his physical health or emotional well being, but forcing him to make superficial changes like the way he cuts his beard or a cutting out a favorite phrase he likes to use is a recipe for disaster. See his flaws and love him anyway. Learn to accept his flaws so it will be easier for him to accept yours.

Appreciation and Affirmation

Complimenting your man won’t be hard if you truly admire the man that he is. Utter words of affirmation to him, and let him know you appreciate his efforts. A man is shown appreciation will go above and beyond. This isn’t about ego, but it is an encouragement to know that your deeds do not go unnoticed. “You look good in that shirt today.” “Thank you for always being there when I need you.” If these things are hard to say, it may be time to re-evaluate your biases as a woman.

Free time

Everyone needs time for themselves at some point. Our men are no different. Spending time alone watching his favorite football game can work wonders for his mental. When he gets home from work, let him unwind until HE is ready to talk. Our men need time to re-energize, regroup and reconnect with themselves. Go out and spend some time with your girlfriends and let him breathe. Healthy relationships consist of 2 individuals with their own interests as well as common interests. It’s OK to not be together all the time.


Staying friends and also lovers goes a long way in keeping a happy, healthy relationship. Learn your mate, respond to his needs and communicate with him. Doing things together is an important factor in every companionship. Spend quiet time along together or plan weekend trips. Be the person he wants to talk to first when things go wrong. Men need to feel that you are and will remain in their corner.


Being honest with each other is of paramount importance in any healthy relationship. This is not only about trusting his fidelity, but also trusting his capabilities and his motives. Without the knowledge that his partner has placed her trust in him, a man immediately starts doubting himself. It takes time to build trust. Once you’ve made a commitment to your man, show him trust. If you feel that you are unable to trust him, seek counseling first, as opposed to spying, constantly questioning him or speaking about your suspicions with friends and family.

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Google’s program for Black Founders to launch August 2020


If you are an entrepreneur, you are most likely constantly seeking resources to aid not only in education, but also tools to help you maximize your profits. In 2011, Google launched Google for Startups (formerly known as Google for Entrepreneurs). It consists of over 50 co-working spaces and accelerators in 125 countries, offering hands-on lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In August 2020, a new program will be launched. Google for Startups Accelerator for Black Founders is a 3 month-long digital accelerator program for high potential seed to series A Tech Startups based in the US.

The program is designed to bring the best of Google’s programs, products, people and tech to Black Founder communities across the USA. In addition to mentorship and tech support, the program will include deep dives and workshops focused on product design, customer acquisition and leadership development for founders.

You need to get on this train now, as the program starts in August 2020. The first series of this program will comprise approximately 10-12 top US headquartered startups.

The format of the program will be as follows:

Three months with digital workshops, programming, and mentor ship taking place each week. Selected founders will outline the top tech challenges facing their startups, and will then be paired with experts to help solve these challenges. Startups will also receive deep mentor ship on technical challenges with an emphasis on data and machine learning, as well as connections to relevant teams across Google.

Who should apply?

Selected startups should have a minimum of 10+ employees, and both the founder and selected team members must be available to join all program elements of their series. All Startups should aim to leverage AI/ML tech in their product, service or operations and/or show interest in leveraging these in the future.

What are the benefits?

The program offers a wealth of benefits, to include

  • Equity -Free Support
  • Exclusive Invitations to Tech Boot camps hosted by Google
  • Personalized mentor ship & Tech support from Google experts
  • The opportunity to provide feedback to Google product teams
Here are some more of Google’s tools for Entrepreneurs you can check out:
  • The Accelerate with Google Academy is a 12-week program designed to help businesses like yours start marketing online, and then be great at it! As a participant, you’ll get all the tools and training you need to advertise on the web, including live help and private consultations with dedicated experts. The program is customized, so by the end of it, you’ll be ready to start meeting your businesses unique goals and making the most of the web.
  • The Google for Entrepreneurs platform consists of well managed tools and resources to help jump start your business.

Wherever your startup is, from concept to scaleup, Google for Startups can help move your business forward.

What do you need to get done?

Here are some useful tools that Google for Entrepreneurs can provide:

  • Get support and build and run killer apps and sites
  • Better understand your customers by getting focused insights and analytics
  • Get great hosting and storage
  • Increase the productivity of your team
  • Learn how to market your product wisely
  • Monetize your product by creating various revenue streams

Making use of the knowledge and resources available will put you ahead of the competition. There can be no progress without education. Start Today.